As the film industry becomes more and more dynamic, so does the need for special effects make up. Hollywood Makeup Lab is uniquely positioned to help you acquire the skills and techniques needed to compete in today’s creative environment. Hollywood Makeup Lab offers an intensive two week program tailored to give you the skills you need for the career you want. At Hollywood Makeup Lab our philosophy is to help you, the artist, be the best you can be, to be skilled and accomplished in your craft. We offer training in the most current, up to date techniques learned through a hands on experience tailored for your enjoyment and career advancement.

Special effects

10 Days Intensive:
Day 1: The Art of Temporary Tattoo and Airbrushing
Day 2: Color Theory and Hair Work Preparation
Day 3: Facial Hair Application
Day 4: Bruises, Cuts, Scars, Broken Noses
Day 5: Aging Techniques and Applications
Day 6: Bald Caps, Fabricating Bald Caps and Appliances
Day 7: Bald Caps II and Teeth Casting
Day 8: Teeth Shells and Sculpting Techniques
Day 9: Molding Techniques and Prosthetic Production
Day 10: Prosthetic Application

Around the world

3 Days Intensive:
I'll teach you beauty through the lens light on the big screen.
Why it brings the beauty of the skin.
Special Effects
Natural like in real life, for the lens not just for yours eyes

** Elite Workshop 5 days customizable.


10 Days Workshop Special effects: $2,985.00
5 Days intensive customizable Beauty: $1,750.00

Pre registration

Includes all materials and equipment necessary for course completion.
Materials available for use during workshop and HMlab materials kit purchsable with everything you will need after the workshop.
Hollywood Makeup Lab - Los Angeles, CA. Contact us at brunamakeuplab@gmail.com if you’d like to use a payment method listed below:
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Gallery workshop