Internationally acclaimed Makeup Artist, Bruna Nogueira, is emerging as one of the top makeup artists in the entertainment industry.

Working with several A-list celebrities, models, and photographers, she has perfected the technique for flawless beauty. She understands the universal need for classic beauty and the high art of glamour.

Charming, intelligent and confident, she has crafted a career that combines an intense devotion to film, advertising, and fashion. She is an exceptional collaborator on creative projects.

Bruna Nogueira comes from a small town in the south of Brazil. At 11 years old, she saw her first movie on the big screen; E.T., Extra Terrestrial. She left the theater excited andinspired to study cinematography and to this day remains a big fan of Steven Spielberg.

At 19, Bruna moved to São Paulo to pursue her dreams at Escola Panamericana de Arte e Design. Upon graduation she went into production at Museu da Imagem e do Som de Sao Paulo (MIS). Bruna’s entrance into the art world began with creating documentaries - this is where she further developed her passion for film. The incredible talents of Charlie Chaplin and Alfred Hitchcock inspired her.

Bruna made another major move to Hollywood and her passion for art and film led her to study professional makeup with Joe Blasco. Today, she is a journeyman in Local 706 and her experience includes television and film, with dozens of productions around the globe.

With many accomplishments under her belt, a notable achievement is her book“Hollywood Makeup Lab.” which focuses on Special FX makeup application and its use in television and film. Bruna wrote this book to teach an introduction to Special FX makeup, provide an overview of technique anduse, and to inspire other artists on their journey to learning the craft.

Bruna is also the designer of the Sigma Beauty - Special FX Brush Set by Bruna Nogueira. Bruna worked with Sigma Beauty, one of the leaders in hand crafted, high quality makeup products, to carefully design and craft these 11 limited edition brushes from the heart.

From a young girl with dreams of filmmaking to a top makeup artist in the film community, Bruna’s hard work, relentless spirit, and love of film has earnedher much success. She loves sharing her knowledge and expertise all over the world, doing workshops, and inspiring people to follow their dreams.

Bruna’s goal is to inspire and make people believe in their own beauty, and to continue making a positive contribution through film and art.




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